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Seeking Comfort

One day you will seek comfort in a photograph. You will flip through a long forgotten rubber bin, piled high with old notes from high school and children’s artwork and recipes and seek that one particular picture.  Your mind turning circles around a person in that photo, or a day, or just a moment.  Desperate […]


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The 10 Pictures that Got Me Here – #2

Eyes pinched shut, body twisted, hands balled in a fist.  A fragile, frustrated cry escapes her 3-day-old lips.  And mom.  Equally as brand-new to this, eyes closed peacefully, arms strong and knowing, with her body curled in close.  A fragile, delighted smile peaks through.  Brand-new mom.  Brand-new baby.  And this moment, which will never look […]


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About My Friend Teresa

Teresa Porter

My Friend Teresa Studios is a boutique portrait studio in Cary, NC specializing in high school, teen, family and child photography that shows everyone from the camera-shy to the goof-ball at their best. Principle photographer, Teresa, has been recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine and published on The Huffington Post.

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