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An easy, stress-free portrait experience is the top priority in our dog portrait studio in Cary, NC.  In fact, award-winning photographer, Aurora DeLuca is a dog lover herself, having loved basenji’s since childhood.  Clients frequently remark on the beautiful simplicity of her creatively styling and effortless talent at catching just the right moment.  It’s time for your best friend to have a place on the walls of your home.


all dogs – yes, even yours.

From wild Whippets to lazy Labradoodles and every shelter mutt in between.  Your dog doesn’t have to be AKC registered or professionally trained to be professionally photographed – we haven’t met a dog yet we couldn’t photograph.  At our professional dog photography and portrait studio in Downtown Cary, NC we have seen rat terriers from Raleigh, dachshunds  from Durham, corgi’s from Cary, and Weimaraner’s from Wake Forest.  Dog people are our kind of people.


Right now is the right time.

You remember your first day together when they were just a puppy.  You’ll remember your last day together too, and you know it’s going to break your heart.  The right time to have photographs of your dog is right now.  When your dog is part of the family, their portrait brings joy to the whole house.  There’s no reason to wait for that kind of happiness.


how does it work?

The first step is just a phone call away (919-297-8567).  We want to learn all about your dog, family, and personal style.  We want to answer all of your questions about artwork and pricing and when we know we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your session.  Sessions are held in our studio in Downtown Cary and take around an hour.  Our staff are trained in dog handling to get the best results so you can just relax.  After the portrait session you can go for a quick walk, grab a coffee or bakery treat nearby, but don’t go far!  We will pull together your best images and after a few minutes you’ll join us in the client theater to view your images and make artwork selections.  Your final artwork will be available in 4 – 6 weeks.  



Dog portrait sessions are crafted for you personally and no two sessions are exactly alike .  All of our dog portrait sessions include a planning and styling phone call, prop styling and artwork design, and a studio portrait appointment.  While every family is different, we have found most of our dog  portrait clients budget $1800 and up to enjoy the fullest expression of their images in heirloom-quality artwork and digital files.  Those who prefer a few select pieces budget several hundred dollars ($500+).