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Your family is changing every day. The kids are growing up, your high school senior is  transitioning to college, grandparents are aging, and even the dog refuses to stay a puppy. The “right time”, is right now.

We are here to make this a stress-free portrait experience for everyone. Our team will schedule everything around your family’s busy calendar, making ourselves available to meet when it is best for you. Don’t worry about what to wear, we will shop your closets for the perfect combination of outfits (and we know what flatters all ages, styles, and body types). At the session our staff is here to make sure everyone feels comfortable so they look their best.

Our Secret Locations

We want you to have something special and unique to your family. Through years of searching and scouting we have an arsenal of hidden gems we want to share with you but shhhhh you’ll have to help us keep our secrets.

Behind the Scenes Video

Everyone loves our behind the scenes video option for family portrait sessions. Video stories compliment your photography by showing how you laugh at dad’s corny jokes, how siblings tease and play with each other, and how all of you care for one another.

When to Book

Family portrait sessions are most popular in the Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to October). If you are wanting a family portrait session during the busiest times, you should plan to contact us and have your planning meeting 8 to 10 weeks in advance. While we are often able to accomodate quicker scheduling, we have found booking two to three months in advance to fit easiest with most busy schedules.


Family portrait sessions are $300 for a basic session and $900 for a stylized video fusion session. All of our family portrait sessions include a session planning meeting, a clothing and artwork design meeting, an on-location portrait appointment. While every family is different, we have found most of our family portrait clients budget $2000 – $4000 to enjoy the fullest expression of their images in heirloom-quality artwork and digital files. Those who prefer a few select pieces budget several hundred dollars ($400+).