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For Seniors

Ayla-55What do I wear? 
Do: Wear something you already own and love. Pick something you wear that makes you feel more confident or you feel looks the best. Choose solid colors and tones that compliment your skin tone / eyes. Remember that shoes and accessories are a big part of the coordination of your outfit. Use accessories as a “pop” of color if wearing mostly neutral colors. Use accessories as subtle accents if wearing mostly bright colors. Make sure clothes are ironed and tailored. We’ll have time for 3 different outfits.
Don’t: Wear busy patterns, thin pin stripes, seersucker, or any print that is faint/muted/small. Feel like you have to buy something new.

What do I bring? If you’d like to bring any props with you, please do! Common things people bring are sports uniforms and equipment, musical instruments, a favorite book or sketch pad. Any object of significance to you that you want to include. Not sure? Bring it any way. We can discuss how to incorporate your item (or not) on location.

Where do I park? Check your location flyer for more information on where to park and where we will meet. Where do I change clothes? Almost every shoot location requires seniors to change clothes in the car so make sure you’ll have access to a car throughout your shoot.

Can I bring my dog? Yes! Please let me know in advance if you’ll be bringing your dog – some locations don’t allow pets. Also please make sure your dog has been walked and is comfortable with the environment prior to your shoot. The more calm and adjusted your dog is to the location, the better your pictures will be.

What about bad weather and emergencies? If we need to reschedule our session due to rain you will be contacted by phone in advance to make arrangements for a rescheduled shoot. If you need to reschedule our session for illness or emergency please be advised that I must be notified in writing (email is fine). You will not be allowed more than one reschedule without penalty.

When will I get to see my pictures? Your pictures will be ready within three weeks. When your pictures are ready we will contact you to set up an appointment to view your proofs.

About My Friend Teresa

Teresa Porter

My Friend Teresa Studios is a boutique portrait studio in Cary, NC specializing in high school, teen, family and child photography that shows everyone from the camera-shy to the goof-ball at their best. Principle photographer, Teresa, has been recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine and published on The Huffington Post.

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