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High School Senior Portrait: Keegan

The hot summer was in full swing and Keegan’s family was planning for his high school senior portrait. Teresa had done senior portraits for older brother Ethan, so they knew her style was a good fit, even though Keegan is very different from his brother.

High School Senior Portrait:  Keegan

Teresa learned that Keegan is a serious creative writer and loves reading classical novels. He is witty, with a very dry sense of humor. He describes himself as a pensive thinker. He wanted portraits that were outdoors, but didn’t want to use props or themes. Teresa recommended the American Tobacco campus and West Point at the Eno to give a wide variety of options.

They met in early September at the American Tobacco campus. Keegan looked very natural in the setting. Teresa couldn’t get him to smile a lot, but he finally smiled big when Teresa saw a broken shoe on the ground and joked that he had ‘sole’! Keegan loved being outside at the Eno and they got some great shots.

A few weeks later, Keegan and his family came to the studio for the big ‘reveal’.  They watched a short slideshow of Keegan’s portraits and then saw all of them matted on the gallery wall.   With Teresa’s guidance, they chose Keegan’s high school senior portrait.  Teresa also designed some wall art groupings for their home which they loved!  They decided to purchase the full collection of digital files.

The files went through our retouch process (“You should look like you on your very best day”), and were ready a few weeks later.  We provided Keegan and his family with a USB of the files, in a keepsake wooden gift box.

After graduation in the spring, Keegan started his next adventure.  We look forward to reading his creative works and wish him well.high school senior portrait high school senior portrait high school senior portrait high school senior portrait high school senior portrait high school senior portrait high school senior portrait


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