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Madisen P (Cary Academy Class of 2018) is a strong leader in multiple fields. In her time at Cary Academy, she took part in the speech and debate team, focusing in extemporaneous. A passionate advocate for civil rights and a lover of learning about the world, she argues on the topics women and environmental issues as well as race and equality education. Madisen also took part in several sports at Cary Academy, including golf, swimming, and softball. During her free time, she likes to go to the mall or the beach with her friends. She and her mom, Jessica, met with us in late July to plan her senior picture session, looking for something authentic and urban.

Senior Pictures Cary: Madisen P 2018

Teresa and Madisen in early September in downtown Cary for her senior picture session. Since it had rained earlier that day, we wanted to try for a traveler stuck in the rain vibe by utilizing the Cary Depot. Madisen looked at ease in a navy blue top and blue jeans that went nicely with the dark blue polka dotted umbrella. The next day, they met in downtown Durham where Madisen and her mom wanted to recreate some photographs that Madisen had done when she was younger. Madisen started that day in a cropped seersucker top with white embroidered flowers and blue jeans that stood out against the bricks and concrete and helped to bring out the color of her eyes. Then, Madisen switched to a denim blue dress. It was important for us to include string lights in the senior pictures, and we were lucky enough to find an alleyway that had them.

Teresa selected over 50 portraits from the session to show Madisen and her parents a few weeks later. With guidance from Teresa, Madisen chose her yearbook photos, which Teresa submitted to the Cary Academy yearbook staff on her behalf. Madisen and her parents also used the studio gallery wall to sort the portraits into their favorites and some “maybes”. From these selections, they chose an unframed 20×40 canvas, two matted and framed prints, and an 8×8 linen album. Additionally, they ordered the digital files to have all of the senior pictures and video on hand to look back on in the future.

Madisen graduated in May 2018 and is headed to American University.