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With summer fast approaching and the start of her senior year in her sights, Christianna S. and her family reached out to us about Senior Portraits Cary.  We were happy to add them to our Class of 2020 family with an amazing Senior Portraits Cary fusion session that included multiple locations, and a behind-the-scenes video.

Senior Portraits Cary:  Food Hall and Volleyball

When we met with Christianna S. and her family, we learned a lot about her.  Dad said she was excited about college, and is diligent about school.  She has a passion for food and loves being adventurous with food.  Mom said she is a good listener and not as quiet as some people think.

For her session Christianna definitely wanted neutral colors, and a nod to her love of volleyball and piano.  Mom wanted some glamorous portraits worthy of a magazine.  Our creative ideas got flowing and we planned the perfect sessions for Christianna’s Senior Portraits Cary.  Justin met her at her home to help her select her outfits.

Christianna came to the studio just before her first session for hair and make up services by our in-house artist, Denise.  We got some amazing magazine-style glamour shots while at the studio.

Senior Portraits Cary

We headed to downtown Raleigh’s Glenwood South restaurant district and ended up at the Morgan Street Food Hall.  Everything smelled amazing!

Senior Portraits Cary

We visited a few more downtown Raleigh locations for some urban-style portraits with neutral tones.

Senior Portraits Cary

Senior Portraits Cary

Finally, we were off to Christianna’s home for a private piano concert.  After a couple of hours of fabulous, natural posing and expressions, we asked Christianna if she knew she had that in her.  She laughed and said she had no idea!

A few days later, with volleyball in hand, we met Christianna during a free period at the Cary Academy gym.  It was especially awesome to hear the cheers of the 6th graders returning from their PE class, when Christianna spiked the ball across the net!

Senior Portraits Cary

It’s all on the behind-the-scenes video:

Christianna returned to the studio with her family a few weeks later to view her portraits and video.  She selected her yearbook portraits, which we submitted on her behalf.  They also chose a framed print, and the full digital collection.

Whether it is in the kitchen, on the court, or off on a new adventure, Christianna brings her beautiful smile and her passionate dedication.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!