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My Friend Teresa Photography, Cary Newborn Photography, Doula with Baby

There are certain people who do their jobs so well it leaves you thankful they found their calling and crossed your path.  In the last two months I’ve met two of those such people.

The first was Stacy, our nightshift nurse during our first stay at WakeMed (when we were trying to keep my blood pressure down, and CeCe on the inside for a few more days!).  Stacy elevates the profession of nursing just by counting herself as a nurse.  She is a calming presence, a conscientious advisor, and by every definition of the word a care-GIVE-r.  Whenever she was around it felt like she filled our lungs with fresh air. What did she do?  She smiled when she walked in the room.  She talked about CeCe like she was already in our arms, and she brought laughter to the long stretches of hospital monotony.  She enriched our stay and our lives.

The second is Pam Diamond of First Daze and Nightzzz.  As a postpartum doula she helps new families figure out what the hell they’re doing (my definition, she’s not as crass as I am).  Watching her work it is obvious her VIP clients (the babies!) trust her implicitly.  The parents soon know why – she is connected to the tender needs of babies and seems to hand deliver their messages to us parents who are still learning how to read them.  We were so relieved to understand how to make CeCe’s world shine even brighter.  CeCe seemed relieved too, she has slept better and longer since Pam’s visit. To see Pam work is to know why she prefers to work barefoot – her connection to the earth through bare feet is as obvious as her connection to the basic heartbeat of our littlest and most treasured.  The type of spiritual work that is archetyped in books and television shows – wrapped up in a normal Raleigh mom, teaching us newbies the ropes without judgement or condescension.

Thank you Stacy and Pam, for enriching our lives and for having the clarity and courage to follow your calling.