Focusing on the best years of your life: high school, college, career, and (of course) family.

What To Expect

For-Clients-PageA custom portrait experience that is comfortable and low-stress.  Casual (but directed) posing, unique photo locations, and tons of photographer encouragement show everyone from the camera-shy to the goof ball at their best.

Planning for Your Session

We will start with a consultation at our Studio to discuss your dream session.  At the consultation, a signed contract and paid session fee will secure your session date.  We’ll work together to pick a location and style for your shoot and we’ll be available to answer any questions or help you with pre-session jitters.  After your session your retouched session images will be ready within two to three weeks.  Your photographer will schedule a time to review your proofs, pick out your session favorites, and help you make decisions on your prints, albums, canvases, and other products.

What to Wear

We encourage you to wear something you already own and love.  The best outfits are ones that make you feel more confident or make you feel your best.  Remember you’ll be asked to sit, stand, and move around during your session so it is best to pick outfits that look just as flattering whether sitting or standing.  Choose solid colors and tones that compliment your skin tone and eyes.  Remember that shoes and accessories are a vital part of the coordination of your outfit.  You can use accessories as a pop of color when wearing neutrals, or as subtle accents if you’re wearing bright colors.  Make sure your clothes are ironed and tailored.  We advise shying away from busy patterns, thin stripes, seersucker or faint/muted/small prints.  Don’t feel like you have to buy something new.

Are you coordinating your family or group?

First, focus on coordinating your outfits, not matching.  Pick two or three colors that will be your primary colors and a third or fourth as your “pop”.  For example, dark wash denim, charcoal gray, and maroon.  Everyone in your group can pick their own variation of those colors for their outfit and together you look well matched.

Weather and Emergencies

If we need to reschedule our session due to rain or bad weather you will be contacted by phone in advance to make arrangements for a rescheduled shoot. If you need to reschedule your session for illness or emergency please be advised that we must be notified in writing (email is fine).  You can reschedule your session one time without penalty.


About My Friend Teresa

Teresa Porter

My Friend Teresa Studios is a boutique portrait studio in Cary, NC specializing in high school, teen, family and child photography that shows everyone from the camera-shy to the goof-ball at their best. Principle photographer, Teresa, has been recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine and published on The Huffington Post.

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