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Every family that I shoot captures a piece of my heart, it just so happens that the Andrews family has three big pieces of my heart, and their names are Tory, Sam, and Abby.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks these three kids are pretty amazing.  When grandparents were visiting recently to celebrate Sam’s graduation from Cary Academy, we took the opportunity to get some family portraits at Duke Gardens.  Wendy’s parent’s Bill and Pat were visiting all the way from Indiana.

Of course, Nana Andrews loves her grandkids too. Seeing Sam, Tory, and Abby with their Nana made me miss my Nana.  I had to call her right after our session.

On the proud occasion of Sam’s Graduation, we had to grab a few shots of the entire Andrews family.  There were a lot of fellow photographers and quite a bit of sun to compete with, but sneaking around a corner we managed to get this shot a little out of the way.  When I edited this picture I was struck by how much Tory smiles just like her dad!

With mid-morning heat wearing down on all the adults, we sent the parents and grandparents on their way while Tory, Sam, Abby, and I walked around to grab a few special shots of just the kids.

What makes the Andrews family so much fun to work with is that they all have such unique personalities.  Tory is all girl, and all soccer pro at the same time – and it was upon her demand for ‘pretty flowers’ in the family pictures that we settled on Duke Gardens.  Sam is the only brother, and takes his job as protector very seriously – taking care of all the women in his family when his dad has to be away for work.  Sam has told me on many occasions how much he enjoys those weekends when he and his dad get to go play golf together.  Abby is the oldest of the Andrews kids and an accomplished UNC tarheel.  Abby is spending her summer working for The Mouse in the highly selective Disney College internship program.

The beautiful thing about working with such outstanding people, is when you get the chance to capture their relationship to each other and their love for one another, then you’ve captured something amazing.  This image says everything I wanted it to.