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The first client of My Friend Teresa Studios was Teresa’s co-worker, Bomi, who had just had a new baby. From that one session, sprouted several more, watching him grow at the same time this Studio was beginning to grow. Word started to spread and there was one phrase we were hearing over and over again…“you should call my friend, Teresa”. My Friend Teresa. It was perfect. A friend is someone that you trust with your most vulnerable moments, it is someone you want beside you during the happiest moments of your life, someone to celebrate your victories, wrap an arm around your shoulder during the difficult moments, and really know you. A friend draws out in you what you can’t see in yourself. A friend brags on your behalf, when you’re humble and out of words. A friend takes care of you, celebrates you, and walks through life beside you.

We fall in love, a little bit, with every client we get to work with.  When you recommend an amazing new music artist, we have to have a listen. When you geek out with us about the types of gears on your high school robotics team, we share your fascination.  When your eyes sparkle the brightest in the middle of a stage, we take a seat in the front row. If you like UNC basketball, well, we will have to agree to disagree, but that shade of blue does look nice with your eyes (our blood is Wolfpack Red). 

The fascination of friendship means we are more than just a photography studio, we are your inner circle, wanting to take care of you and show the world just how awesome you are.