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As she was finishing final exams for her junior year at Cary Academy, Mackenzie G was already looking forward to her senior year. What better way to start than planning her senior portrait session with the Best Senior Photographer Cary.

Best Senior Photographer Cary Mackenzie G 2017

Teresa met with Mackenzie and her mom in late May in our studio. She learned that Mackenzie loves guitar, volleyball, baking, and photography. Mackenzie was looking for a portrait setting that included flowers and other natural elements. They agreed that Camden Park with its beautiful trees was the perfect venue! Mackenzie’s mom Sherri also let Teresa know that older brother Matthew never had senior portraits, so they added a family session to Mackenzie’s shoot so that he could be included. Considering Mackenzie’s work schedule for the summer at a garden supply company, they picked a shoot date in mid-June.

Teresa met Mackenzie, Matthew and Sherri at Camden Park near Fearington Village. Laughs ensued when both kids showed up wearing the same NCSU shirt, unplanned! Mackenzie had fun trying to tell her brother how many buttons he should fasten on his shirt.   It was an unusually hot evening, but the car air conditioning was welcome relief for Mackenzie while Matthew did his part of the shoot. Nature was abundant…including lots of bugs….but the laughs kept everyone going. Mackenzie was beautiful for her “Taylor Swift” moment in the field with her guitar. And she made everyone nervous kicking water in the waterfall…..are those rocks slippery?

A few weeks after the shoot Mackenzie and her family came to the studio to view their portraits. The first part of the meeting they viewed a video of all of the portraits. Poor mom – not just one of her children but both of them in one emotion-packed video! They viewed the portraits on our gallery wall and began to select their favorites. Mackenzie selected her yearbook photos. Teresa designed a beautiful wall grouping of 3 canvases for them to fit their exact home wall space. In addition to their canvases, they decided on their digital collection so that they have full print access for every portrait.

After some additional professional retouch to the portraits, we ordered and received the canvas wall art. As part of our full-service, we delivered and installed the canvases for the family so that they could just sit back and enjoy.

We loved our experience with the family and are thrilled that they have beautiful family portraits of Mackenzie and Matthew in their home to enjoy for years to come.

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Best Senior Photographer CaryBest Senior Photographer Cary Best Senior Photographer Cary