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Ella T contacted us she was just starting her senior year at Cary Academy (Class of 2016).  She heard My Friend Teresa Studios has a reputation as the best senior photographer.  Ella was excited to work with us!

Best Senior Photographer Ella T

Ella heard about My Friend Teresa Studios as the best senior photographer from her friends at Cary Academy.   Ella wanted her senior portraits to “reflect her personality” rather than some random location.  The American Tobacco campus in Durham NC was the perfect fit.

Teresa met Ella and her mother on a late August evening just after school started.  She looked right at home sitting on the brick sidewalk, perched on the stairs, or leaning against the old warehouse.  Her smile and bright blue eyes reflected the laid back atmosphere of the American Tobacco Campus.  Our favorite was her laying in the hammock with her hands behind her head smiling up at the world!

A few weeks after the session, we met with Ella and her family to review over 50 proofs.  There were so many choices!  They decided on several portrait products.  The small ‘accordion’ books were a great way to capture 12 portraits in a small, compact format with a magnetic closure.  The set of 2 was perfect for sharing with family.  Ella also chose 20-30 of her favorite portraits and had us custom design a beautiful 8X8 linen covered senior album for her.  And to fill a special place on their wall, they chose a 16X24 canvas of their favorite portrait – Ella looking up at the camera with yellow flowers in the background.  When the canvas arrived, we had our professional installer visit their home and hang it for them.  No more canvases ending up behind the couch waiting to be hung!  As another way to capture Ella’s special milestone, we custom designed a 16X24 collage of 8 of Ella’s pictures.  It was matted and framed in an elegant rustic barnwood frame.  Our professional installer did his magic and it, too, has a special place on the wall.

In the spring, with graduation approaching, we designed graduation cards for Ella.  We also designed a set of companion custom graduation party invitations for them.  Graduation was beautiful, and Ella is off to her next adventure.  She plans to study writing and film…and hopes to travel to France.  But she will have to leave her book collection (over 3000!) at home!  No doubt Ella will have a bright future.


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