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We know there is something special happening in your life- whether it is a graduating high school senior, a new business, or kids that are changing faster than you can keep track. You have a dream of beautiful photographs and video stories that will help you remember not just what this time looks like, but how it makes you feel. That’s why you’re here. We want that for you too.

We offer a a high-touch photography experience with two goals: to take care of you like you are the only client we have and for you to be thrilled to tears.  

Together with you we will create beautiful artwork of this fleeting time. We will laugh with you, celebrate with you, and fall in love a little bit with who you are. Many have said the experience of working together becomes a special memory in itself. We can’t wait to meet you, and expand our family a little more.

Planning Meeting

Creativity starts here! Our portraits and video stories have personality because we always start with getting to know you face to face. Your images should tell a story about who you are whether you are a high school senior, a family, or a small business. So let’s get to the heart of that story. What is important to you? What makes you smile? How do you want people to see you?

Your planning meeting is also a time to view our product suite, think through what artwork you’re most attracted to, and make sure our studio is a good fit for your needs. Your planning meeting has no cost and no obligation and you can expect that we will check in with you before signing contracts or selecting dates to be sure you are ready to move forward.


Design Meeting

What to wear, what to wear,! Forget the pinterest style boards full of clothes you could never find in a store. You don’t need a how to guide or a trip to Nordstrom to be ready for your session. We are going to come to your home and shop your closets.  

Small tweaks to clothing style and textures can completely transform a photograph or video. The design meeting is held at your home so together we can select the clothes that will make you look and feel your best. Don’t worry, we have worked with clients of every age and body type and know how to select pieces that are flattering and timeless.

Not sure where to put the artwork from your session? And what size?  And type?  Even if your style is more impulse-buy-from-Target than hired-an-interior-designer we’ve got you covered. We will photograph your walls so that we can create mockups of your artwork, to scale, as it will appear in your home.

Isn’t it great? All the hard work has already been done. You can wake up the day of your session knowing what to wear, what to bring, where we are going, and how much fun we are going to have. Like a magazine editorial spread we have pre-designed your entire session in our heads and sketched it on paper. In fact, chances are it is all we have been talking about for weeks.

We will be going to our favorite, undiscovered locations that we have scouted and tracked over years.  Whether it is a field of wildflowers for a senior portrait or a modern techy office building for your executive branding images our locations are as unique as the service we provide. Our photography studio in Downtown Cary is well-appointed for modern studio portraiture if that is more your vibe.

If your session combines photography and video in a fusion package then you’re getting the best of both of us.  We can promise you will be thoroughly entertained by the chunky, ninja ballet that is the two of us working around each other to get the best shot.

You don’t need to know where to put your hands, how to smile, or what looks flattering for you, that is our job. Our casual, but directed posing shows everyone at their best in a way that is candid, not forced. We will be chatting away, laughing, and encouraging you so much you won’t have time to hear the anxieties in your head.  

The most common thing we hear? It went by faster than you could ever imagine.

Your reveal and ordering appointment is an exciting time of celebration and we do it big! Bring your family together at our photography studio in Downtown Cary where you will see a breathtaking wall of your portraits and a big screen version of your video. Printed and matted so you can touch, hold, sort, and wow over the portraits we created together our gallery wall holds 40 – 60 portrait originals. Are you ready for your behind the scenes video?  Watch your story come to life in video with a soundtrack that we selected the day we met you.

Go ahead, clutch your pearls and gasp, yes, you really do look that good. The tissues are under the table if you need them.

Take comfort in your choices, knowing we have taken the guesswork out of everything. Using our projector and the images from our design meeting, you will view wall artwork to scale, on the walls of your home, in different mediums and sizes based on your preferences – individual and groupings, framed and canvas, painted and photographic. If you’re considering an album or storybox, our album wall holds exactly the right number of images so you can pull your favorites from the gallery wall and start visualizing your album coming together.

We are here to carefully guide you through making decisions about how you want to enjoy your photographs. We respect your budget and your tastes and use this as a time to make sure you have everything that you want, and nothing that you don’t.

We promise you will be thrilled to tears.