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The classic desktop print in a frame has its place, but to deliver maximum impact in a small presentation takes substance.  We have sourced three small, giftable presentations that give your images presence.


A metallic print faces a heavy acrylic block giving your image dimensionality from every angle.  Perfect for grandparents or a desktop display, acrylic blocks have a luminescent quality that makes colors pop. Available in 5×7 or 6×6.

Metal Prints

A vibrant aluminum print, curved in to a stand-alone concave display which is light in weight but has striking presence.  Curved metal prints make the most of an 8×10 size without the need or a frame or easel, making them perfect for grandparents or a desktop display.

Stone Tile

This ceramic stone tile with matte finish sits comfortably in an easel, giving the piece a simple, elegant presence perfect for a desktop.  Muted colors are sublimated into the stone, allowing the natural texture to give each piece a timeless character.