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Momtographers, social media mavens, and middle and high school hobbyists just like you have a place to learn photography from a professional photographer that is excited to share!  Whether you’re looking to overcome a creative roadblock, or just needing a kick-start on the basics – our private lessons are customized to your interests.

Who can take private lessons?

Our private photography lessons are for photo-enthusiasts of all ages (10+), skill levels, and camera-types who want to expand on their photography skills with individualized instruction based in our Studio. Photography lessons are best for individuals who thrive with hands-on instruction and have the time outside of lessons to complete “homework” and practice assignments.

If you are a professional photographer or aspiring professional photographer then you are looking for our professional photography mentoring.

What is included?

Each lesson is 2 hours in length and is held at our Studio in Downtown Cary. Lessons are customized to fit your current learning needs and regularly include practice on location nearby. Our hands-on approach means lessons are a mix of teaching, practice, and review of latest work. Sessions can be scheduled for weekday afternoons/evenings or weekends.

How much does it cost?

Most people find that one photography lesson ($300 for 2 hours) is sufficient to get a jumpstart with a new camera and to cover basic concepts of photography. We suggest almost everyone start with just one 2-hour lesson.

To advance your learning and tackle more detailed topics (lighting, manual mode, posing, post-processing) a three lesson package is best. A three lesson package ($750 for 6 hours) gives us time to hone in on deeper topics, practice in real-life scenarios, and give feedback on homework and progress.

Instructor Qualifications:

All private lessons are taught by Teresa Porter of My Friend Teresa Studios. Teresa is a professional portrait photographer in Cary, NC. In addition to running a full-time photography studio, Teresa has taught photography classes to adults, high school students, and kids. Her range of experience in working with photography students of all ages allows her to anticipate and adapt quickly to the needs of each age group. She believes in teaching each student why they should care before teaching them how they do it. A word of warning – her enthusiasm is contagious.