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In early June, CJ was looking forward to her summer, and her senior year at Cary Academy (Class of 2017). She contacted My Friend Teresa Studios, and we scheduled a planning meeting for her senior picture Cary.

Senior Picture Cary: CJ Class of 2017

We met with CJ and her mom, Carol, in mid June before her senior year to plan for her senior picture Cary.  We learned that CJ loves video production. She shares a passion for golf and Taekwondo with her dad.  She is a third degree black belt!  CJ wanted her portraits to reflect her sassy and matter of fact personality. She had been to the Durham American Tobacco Campus before for a full frame movie screening, so this seemed the perfect setting to match her personality and interests.

We met CJ and her mom early one Saturday morning at the American Tobacco Campus. CJ was right at home in the urban setting. We were even able to catch a few pictures with a beautiful red BMW – sure to please her dad. CJ was a little shy at first, but Teresa soon had her laughing with her corny jokes.

CJ and her mom returned to the studio a few weeks later to view a video compilation of CJ’s portraits. They then had the ‘big reveal’ of over 40 matted portraits from the session on our gallery wall. They were able to sort through them and pick CJs favorites for the yearbook.

CJs mom wanted a framed print to go with an existing wall grouping, so she selected that, along with 12 of CJs portraits for some mini-accordion books to share with family. They also chose a beautiful bound leather album that Teresa custom designed with their favorite portraits from the session.

CJ has completed her senior year and is ready for graduation. Good luck with your future adventures, CJ!

Senior Picture Cary Senior Picture Cary Senior Picture Cary Senior Picture Cary Senior Picture Cary Senior Picture Cary Senior Picture Cary