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Liam C (Cary Academy Class of 2017) was enjoying summer. He started to plan for his senior year and his senior picture Cary. His younger sister worked with Teresa at a summer camp, so naturally he contacted My Friend Teresa Studios about senior portraits. We scheduled a planning meeting to get to know Liam better and learn what was important to him about his senior portraits.

Senior Picture Cary:  Liam C

At the planning meeting, Teresa learned that Liam loves science and math. He plays soccer for school and for a local team. He is a boy scout, and had just completed a 200 mile back trip with other boy scouts. Liam is light-hearted and loves to hang out with his friends. He was looking for senior picture Cary that was not too stiff and formal. Teresa recommended that they meet at either the American Tobacco Campus or West Point on the Eno. They decided to start at the American Tobacco campus (ATC).

Teresa had planned to meet Liam and his family at ATC in Durham, but an over-zealous and mis-informed security guard had spoiled the previous shoot! Teresa contacted Liam and his family and they met at West Point on the Eno instead. Teresa had heard a lot about Liam from his little sister, so she felt like she knew him well. The shots in front of the colorful canoes and kayaks were a favorite.

When Liam and his parents came to the studio to view Liam’s portraits, there were excited about their choices.  Liam chose his yearbook photo, and then a second required photo for the yearbook.  Teresa guided them through their choices.  They chose a group of favorites and Teresa designed mini-accordion books and a keepsake linen album for them.

Graduation has come and gone.  Liam is experiencing life after high school and we look forward to hearing about his adventures.

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