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As soon as Rachel finished her junior year, she started looking forward to her senior year. Why not start with her senior picture Cary? She contacted My Friend Teresa Studios.

Senior Picture Cary: Rachel M Class of 2017

We met with Rachel and her mom, Laurie, in late May to plan her senior picture Cary session. We learned that Rachel is an active swimmer and is very creative. Rachel is also interested in architecture and design, and had an internship at a design firm for the summer. She loved that environment and learned a lot. She had tons of ideas about her senior portraits and even brought her yearbook with her. It was fun looking at last year’s senior class to see how many of her favorites Teresa had taken!

Rachel was able to give Teresa great ideas about what she wanted for her senior picture Cary and they decided on downtown Durham as the ideal location. They set a date for late June, and reviewed what to wear and how the session would work (think lots of fun!).

Rachel was excited for her shoot…but when the day arrived, the weather was uncertain. In typical North Carolina summer fashion, there were thunderstorms in the area. Amazingly, the storms by-passed Durham and the shoot was a go.  Just in case, Rachel brought her cute purple umbrella…and we used it in the shoot. Adorable. There was tons of laughter about Rachel shaving her legs for the shoot…apparently the swim team believes in not shaving throughout the summer so that when they compete for the first time in the fall they are faster! (And yes, Rachel said we could share this story!)

As the shoot went along, Rachel got more and more comfortable. She had so much fun that the shoot went longer than planned – with awesome results.

Rachel and her mom, Laurie, met with Teresa a few weeks later at the studio to see Rachel’s gallery. Teresa had put together a video compilation of the portraits and then they got to see all of them on the gallery wall. They sorted through their favorites and Rachel picked her senior picture Cary for the yearbook. They purchased a stunning canvas grouping for the foyer of their home that Teresa designed and had professionally installed. They also chose about 30 of their favorite portraits for a custom-designed bound leather album that will be a keepsake for years. Teresa designed some mini-accordion books, and Rachel’s mom and dad each got something to display on their desks to remember this milestone time.  And they loved their experience so much that they planned a springtime family portrait session.

Rachel is ready to graduate and will no doubt bring her energy and creativity to her next big adventure!


senior picture cary

senior picture cary





senior picture cary




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