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Starting to plan for his senior year (Cary Academy, Class of 2017), Pranay reached out to My Friend Teresa Studios for senior picture ideas.

Senior Picture Ideas:  Pranay T

When we met with Pranay and his mom, we learned that he is passionate about piano and classical music. He is also serious about computer programming….but turns to music for calm and concentration. Mom says he has a gift for music and learning. Pranay is very close to his grandmother who lives with him. Pranay definitely wanted to feature his piano in his senior portraits, along with some more candid portraits at home. He also wanted a few with his Grandmother.   It was also important to him to have some portraits at Cary Academy.  With all of these wonderful senior picture ideas, Teresa designed a session that would do it all!

Teresa met Pranay early one Saturday (7am!) at Cary Academy for the earliest shoot ever. Teresa reports that they even scared the security guard! But they had beautiful light rising up over the field.   They were accompanied by a bunch of catepillars, which his mom was scared of…

After Cary Academy, they took a short drive to Pranay’s home. He played his piano for some amazing shots.   Teresa said that the music was so beautiful that she didn’t want him to stop. They also captured a couple of Pranay with his beloved grandmother.

Pranay and his mother came to the studio for the big reveal and were thrilled to see their senior picture ideas on the gallery wall.  Teresa was able to capture all sides of Pranay – from the loving grandson, to the accomplished musician, to the casual teenager.  With Teresa’s guidance they decided on a beautiful large canvas, and a grouping of 4 smaller canvases.  The portraits were all so important to them that they also purchased the full digital collection so they could continue to enjoy and share them all.

Pranay has graduated from Cary Academy, and Teresa was thrilled to do some family graduation portraits also.  He is no doubt using his many gifts for music and learning as he starts his college career.

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