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Ryan J was planning his summer activities before his senior year (Cary Academy Class of 2017). One of the first things he did was contact My Friend Teresa Studios to schedule his senior portraits and come up with some great Senior Picture Ideas.

Senior Picture Ideas

We met with Ryan and his mom for a planning session in late May. We learned that Ryan loves sports; however, he did not want sports-themed senior portraits.  Teresa recommended a number of senior picture ideas.  Ryan chose to start his senior portrait session at the American Tobacco campus in Durham to get his more ‘formal’ shots, followed by West Point on the Eno for a natural setting.

Teresa met Ryan on a stormy early July evening at the American Tobacco Campus. Ryan had just gotten home from a college tour to South Carolina. The evening was hot and steamy (felt like 104!). Ryan wore shorts with his jacket and tie, but you would never know. They dodged a few raindrops and got some great shots. Keeping an eye on the radar, they made their way to West Point on the Eno.   The best part of the shoot was that a big thunderstorm was coming as they made their way down to the Eno River. They actually waited for the rain to start (!) before shooting and got some great shots as the storm started. This was a first for Teresa. They made a dash for the car just as the storm hit full force.  The result:  Can you spot the rain drop bouncing off Ryan’s head?

A few weeks later, Teresa met Ryan again at West Point on the Eno to finish his rain-shortened session. Teresa was just finishing with a previous senior, and Ryan was gracious enough to let Teresa have a short water break so she could refresh herself from the heat. After that they jumped into the session and laughter ensued! The pictures were amazing.

Ryan and his mom returned to the studio a few weeks later for the big reveal. Ryan chose his yearbook photos. Teresa was able to show them how a canvas would look in their home and they chose a 20X30 of one of their favorite portraits. They also chose some custom-designed accordion books to share with family; a stunning framed ‘triptych’ with three portraits of Ryan; and an acrylic block. They loved all of the portraits, so they purchased their full digital collection so they could print and share as much as they wanted.

Ryan has graduated and is on to his next adventure.  Best of luck, Ryan!

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