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Sometimes it is hard to get senior pictures ideas, but put JP, Jazz and Teresa together and beautiful things happen!

Senior Pictures Ideas: JP and Jazz Class of 2017

Eighteen years ago, JP and his family lived in Cary and they had an awesome babysitter…Teresa! When JP was only 6 weeks old, Teresa took care of him for the first time and their special relationship began. Mom, Jill, was sure JP would cry the whole time she left him…but not a tear! As JP grew, he nicknamed Teresa “Tee Ha” and that name has stuck! He used to get so excited he would come running to the door when “Tee Ha” was coming to babysit.

Fast forward….JP is a high school senior! He and his family live in South Carolina now, but they couldn’t imagine anyone other than Teresa doing his senior portraits. (Teresa did older sister Anna Katherine’s senior portraits too!). JP and his family made a special trip all the way from South Carolina just for JP’s session.

JP loves jazz and bluegrass….and his flat top hat! He is a distinguished musician and very active in band. He definitely wanted senior pictures with his trumpet. Teresa recommended downtown Durham and the American Tobacco Campus as the perfect setting to show off his senior pictures ideas.

JP and his family arrived on a late June afternoon. After a quick visit over ice cream, they got started. Teresa and JP reminisced about his ‘boat bed’ and his love of Thomas the Tank Engine. Laughter ensued…and great senior portraits were the result.

A few weeks after their session, Teresa shared JP’s portraits in an online gallery. They ‘met’ by phone and JP chose his favorite for the yearbook. They also picked a few to print for family and friends.  Jill selected a canvas to match Anna Katherine’s so that both children’s senior portraits could be enjoyed together by the whole family. The mini-accordion books are perfect for sharing, so they chose JP’s favorite 12 to include in a custom design.

In the spring before graduation, Teresa designed JP’s graduation cards to announce his milestone event. It is hard to believe that JP is all grown up and his “Tee Ha” is still such an important part of his life. Good luck JP! Tee Ha will be keeping an eye on you always!

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