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I’m sure you can imagine all of the things that aren’t all unicorns and lollipops about getting in a car accident and getting a new titanium femur.  But moaning and groaning just isn’t my style y’all.  So in the spirit of good attitudes and positivity here is my list (so far) of things that are kind of awesome about breaking your leg.

1.  People are going to stare.  It is a fact.  Wouldn’t you stare at a 5’11, 28 year old with a walker in Subway?!  What is awesome about this is I get to decide what I do in response.  My inner commediane will never complain about this kind of attention.  My favorite response is a head nod with a simple “this is really messing up my tap dancing career”.

2.  You get to use the electric wheelchairs at Lowes Foods and Target.  If I do life right, I’ll never have this chance again.  Might as well make the most of it!  Video: Teresa discovers the electric wheelchair.  Yes, yes I am singing “Rollin’ Dirty”.

3.  I can watch as many Golden Girls episodes as my DVR can handle.

4.  I’ve spent every Friday hanging out with my mom.  A whole day of shopping, running to Dr. appointments, and soaking up all that positive mom energy.

5.  I have two Gopher grabbers and really, the fun never wears off.  You might need to get one next time you are at Walgreens.

6.  My friends are letting me pick where we go for dinner or what movie we see – I even get chauffeur service!

7.  I can use the handicap bathroom stall without guilt.  So roomy!

8.  Little stuff doesn’t matter as much.  “Oh nooo I spilled an entire frappuccino in the car . . . oh well, it could be worse!”

9.  The excitement of learning to drive again.  This time without the driver’s ed instructor who put his stinky feet on the dashboard or parallel parking practice!

10.  The power of the handicap parking sticker . . . when I use it I feel like I’m sliding a Platinum American Express card across the counter and daring people to question my awesome privilege.