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Whether it is a look of encouragement, the perfect warm cup of coffee, or a squeeze of the hand, love isn’t always in grand gestures but in the simple moments. If you want Valentines Day to be extra special this year, here are fourteen photography ideas to show love.

1. Go to your favorite date locations and photograph small details (the salt and pepper shakers on the table, the worn door handle, or the flowers around a favorite bench). These will make perfect abstract prints. Make it more special by writing a note on the back about what each place means to you.

2. For the next week, take a picture every time you felt loved or cared for. An empty dishwasher, note in your lunch, or holding hands in the car are simple moments that are easily overlooked but easily documented. Sharing these pictures with your significant other shows them you’ve been paying attention.

3.  Find a picture of yourself from when you were little, make it extra special by getting one from when you were the same age as your kids.  The more “you” the better.  Make it in to a card and fill it with stories of who that kid was, what he/she wanted in a partner, and how you’ve found the perfect match.

4.  Whether it is Tahiti or the tire store you have been on adventures together.  Print a mini book of photographs that remind you of the places you have been and the stories you have lived, especially the ones that make you laugh.

5.  You know that stack of pictures you’ve been meaning to hang on the walls?  Do it!  Don’t get bogged down in a perfect plan.  Walking past family photographs on the walls is a beautiful way to remember what is important.

6.  Want to make them laugh?  Take a ridiculous selfie and have it printed in the bottom of a coffee mug.  Serve the perfect cup of coffee and wait for the spit-take when they see it after their last sip.

7.  No matter how long you’ve been together there were a lot of firsts.  Your first date, the first time you held hands, your first day at the fair.  Put together a collage of your favorite firsts, maybe even mod podged on a wooden letter from a craft store.  The more ridiculous, the better.

Keep going, there are more photography ideas to show love below.

8.  Sign up for a tour of your area and bring your camera to document the day.  Enjoy a shameless day of being a tourist in your own town, complete with lots of selfies and social media overshare.

9.  Shhhh, they are asleep!  Photographs of your children peaceful and sleeping are a treasure you will never regret having.  Bonus points if you can stay up later than your teenager to make this happen.

10.  Bring out your wedding album and spend time going through each page.  What do you remember about that day?  Do you recognize everyone?

11.  Print a recent photograph of your family and put it by your bed.  Don’t worry if it is only a phone picture or isn’t perfect, your partner will feel a little joy every morning when he/she wakes up.

12.  Create a scavenger hunt of places that are significant to you, using only photographs as clues.

13.  Make a date to take a photography class or private photography lesson together.

14.  Make mini photo magnets by printing your favorite cell phone pictures on photo paper and cut them in to 4×4 squares.  Mount the photo paper on foam core board then attach magnets from a craft store.

We are certain these photography ideas to show love will last much longer than a box of chocolates and only grow in value through the year.  If you are going through your family photographs and realizing it has been a long time since your last professional portrait, will you let us take care of it for you?  We love to help you remember what you’ve built together.