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In the 1930s Esquire magazine published a cartoon that featured the iconic image of the pin up model.  As I come across old pictures of the classic pin up queens like Jane Russell, Jean Harlow, and  Bettie Page I am inspired to take that classic pinup beauty and portray it in a modern, refreshing way.

Cary Boudoir Photography, Umstead Hotel Boudoir, Raleigh Boudoir Photography

I’ve blogged before about finding different sources of inspiration.  Remember this image of Julie Andrews from the September 1967 issue of Look magazine?  In that image I found inspiration in: ” the casual elegance of how she is holding the cigarette, the strength of her arm that is holding her crossed knee, and the drama of such golden lighting off of the big mirror and her face.”  Three months later I found a place for those simple inspirations.

If big things come in small packages, then Bonnie’s boudoir session one of those small packages that bursts open like a wind up toy when opened.  Our day together started with a hair and make up session with the fantastically talented Tiffani Woodlief of Salon One21.  We literally went to Tiffani with a picture of Jenny McCarthy and Gwen Stefani and said, take all that this is and make it 1950s glam.  Within the hour she had put in extensions, curled and pined Bonnie’s hair, and made the flawless transition in to full glam with makeup.

Cary Boudoir Photography, Raleigh Boudoir Photography, Umstead Hotel

Next we checked in to a room at five-star hotel, The Umstead for the shoot.  While I set up lights, shades, and props she changed in to a trunk full of carefully chosen authentic pinup girl clothing purchased online and at vintage stores.  With that simple change of clothing everything came together.  The pictures reflect a perfect balance of classic modesty and modern playfulness.

Cary Boudoir Photography, Raleigh Boudoir Photography, Umstead Hotel

And my favorite . . .

Boudoir Photography, Raleigh Boudoir Photography, The Umstead Hotel