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32 Things I Want To Do At 32

  1.  Read a book in my hands instead of on my phone.
  2. Say “yes” to after work drinks
  3. Take CeCe on a Mommy and CeCe day
  4. Watch Sound of Music . . . finally!
  5. Make an album of family pictures
  6. Save more money
  7. Follow up with friends in real life (not just in my head)
  8. Plan a surprise for Justin
  9. Take a vacation
  10. See the new Star Wars movie
  11. Make time for more snuggles
  12. Blog more regularly
  13. Stretch my busted ass hip
  14. Stay up until 2 a.m. (just once!)
  15. Drink more water
  16. Teach CeCe to brush her hair and get dressed
  17. Let CeCe paint my nails, then paint hers
  18. Worry less about measuring up and being perfect
  19. Let someone write in my planner . . . wait . . . nope , never mind
  20. Photograph a surprise engagement
  21. Teach photography more, lots more
  22. Settle in to the Studio and get the walls covered in great art
  23. Up my eyebrow game
  24. Take a girl’s trip with Mom and Gail
  25. Eliminate all non-matching socks from my life
  26. Make more videos with Justin
  27. Offer an album-making class
  28. Get a massage
  29. Play Nintendo 64 for fun
  30. Finish my coloring book page
  31. Spend more time with my brother
  32. Bloom