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Dear Mom,

I remember calling you from college with a list a mile long of the things I had to do to survive finals week – papers, group projects, and (oh.em.gee) a car wash fundraiser for my sorority.    You were actually in the store when I called, and dad answered your phone.  Sensing the shake in my voice that said ‘I am going to burst in to tears at any moment’ he gave me second by second updates about where you were in the store “okay she’s just checking out now, okay now she is picking up her bags, okay now she is walking to the door…” .  “Oh sweetie, what is wrong” you said as I sputtered and chooked in to the phone.  You couldn’t write my papers for me (although you did offer to proofread them) but you reminded me I could do it and you helped me make a plan.

In January I came to you with another list, a mile long, of things I had to do to survive my business.  I was drowning.  I dreaded checking my email for fear that a client would have written me a “just making sure you got my message” email before I had time to respond to their first one.  I had 50 preschool orders to collate and pack by hand.  There were edits to be done, quotes to be sent out, and entering the “slow season” with a list a mile long and no steam left from surviving the “busy season” seemed impossible.  You reminded me I had come too far to quit now, and quite simply, you rescued me with the same speed you used to put band aids on boo-boos.

Most people don’t have a mom like you.  You not only worked a full time job, but went back to school and got your MBA, while raising two young children. You have turned around big pharmaceutical companies, thrown corporate events for thousands of people, been recognized by every boss and every colleague as phenomenal at what you do.

You’re the mom that opens up the spare bedroom of her house to my best friend, so she can live there for six months. You’re  the MiMi that finds the best toys for CeCe, that makes sure her shoes fit, and that gives the best quiet time snuggles. You’re the daughter who worries about her parent’s internet connection just as much as her parent’s doctor’s appointments.

The best part of my business this year has been enjoying both pieces of you: the kick ass professional and the encouraging mom.  You’ve selflessly given of your time, working nearly 40 hours a week, sometimes just in the evenings when you’re on a consulting assignment.  You found my Studio space, watch my financials to keep me profitable, take care of my clients, and make sure I’ve done my homework every day.  I love sneaking in lunches at Kabbaish.  High fiving after big sales.  Having someone to give me a hug when I lose a big gig.  In that way you always have, you just make life better.  You remind me I can do it.

I see you now; maybe for the first time in my life, I see and I love and admire you more than I ever have.  If I can be half the business woman you have been, and half the mother to CeCe that you have been to me, then I will have truly accomplished something amazing.

I love you,