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Orit is an author, speaker, and professional business coach who needed a branding refresh leading up to her book launch.  When she asked her friends who could make her feel comfortable and deliver the results they referred her to us.  We were thrilled to have a conversation with (another!) incredible business-owner.  Her passion for her work was palpable and made us even more excited to work with her.

During our initial phone call we uncovered that she needed a variety of looks to cover the different aspects of her professional life.  A cohesive style that conveyed her approachability and sincerity topped her list of must haves.   While we were planning her session, clothing, and location we also discussed how she envisioned using the images.  We find that often our clients know they need new images because the absence of a good headshot can hold back your marketing efforts.  While we talked we made a list of ways the images would be used so we could photograph to layout.  A website banner would mean a long and skinny image.  Her social media would need photographs of her working as well as close ups of artifacts and props.  For speaking and teaching we needed to re-create a conference environment as if she was leading a workshop.  Finally we were around to her original need, a new headshot for her book.

With her needs in mind we got to work securing a location that would deliver the professional, up-market, clean and neutral vibe that would match Orit’s messaging.  We scheduled hair and make up services at our studio with our on-site make-up artist.  Then we created a detailed shoot plan that made sure no detail was missed.  The shoot plan includes everything from her list and everything we added in anticipation of future needs.  We also decided which outfits would work best and how we could make simple switches between scenes to create cohesive variety.  

A week after her session we delivered over 70 different images to future-proof Orit’s marketing efforts.  Within hours we had a grateful email back that made us so happy.  Orit was thrilled with her images, despite thinking we’d be lucky to just get “the one”.  We look forward to working with you for your unique branding session needs.  If you want a photographer that anticipates what you need, before you even know it yourself, that’s what we are here for.