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Alyssa W is a member of the Class of 2019 at Research Triangle High School.  She and her family are previous clients of My Friend Teresa Studios, so she contacted us for her Cary Senior Pictures.

Cary Senior Pictures:  Alyssa W 2019

In early March of her junior year, we met with Alyssa and her mom to plan Cary Senior Pictures.  Alyssa loves to tap dance.  She also has a special connection to her home and the surrounding wooded property, so picking a location for her Cary Senior Pictures was easy!

We met Alyssa at her home in mid-June for her Cary Senior Pictures.  She has played in the creek and on the greenway behind her house since she was a kid, so this was an especially meaningful location for her. The creek had a tree lying down across it, which only Alyssa was brave enough to walk across!  Alyssa’s bright blue flower print dress was the perfect compliment to the wooded landscape of her home.

We included Alyssa’s dogs in her session.   Alyssa even had little bow ties for them that matched her shirt!  The dogs loved snuggling with Alyssa on the steps.

Alyssa loves tap dance, so a few pictures with her tap shoes were important to her.  She looked like she was ready to head to the studio.

A few weeks later, Alyssa and her mom returned to the studio to view over 40 proof prints of her Cary Senior Pictures.  They viewed a slide show of all of them, and then reviewed them on our studio gallery wall. They chose several prints and also some portraits for the yearbook.

We enjoyed Alyssa’s session and wish her much success in the future!