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Spring brings thoughts of baseball, golf, fishing and planning for senior portraits!  Will P was planning his summer activities and contacted us to plan some amazing Cary Senior Pictures.

Cary Senior Pictures: Will P 2019

Will and his mom came to the studio in mid-May of his junior year to meet with Teresa.  We learned that Will loves baseball, and has been playing since T-ball.  He also loves fishing, hockey, and art – especially ceramics.  Oh – and his Jeep!  Will agreed that our Fusion session, which includes behind-the-scenes video, was perfect.  We scheduled session dates in late summer before his senior year so we could meet the yearbook deadline.

Teresa met with our creative team and they hatched an amazing idea for some baseball portraits for Will, using an ‘exploding’ ball.  They met on a hot summer evening at the Cary Academy baseball field, set up lights, filled some balls with yellow powder (after practicing with flour first)…and POW amazing photos.  They joked about how to get Will to have a ‘happy’ face while hitting the ball.  And Will managed it, even with yellow powder in his face!

The creative team also wanted to feature Will’s love of art and ceramics, so Teresa got permission for a session in the pottery studio at Cary Academy.  Will sat at the wheel with some clay for some dramatic portraits as he worked – and not a spot on that beautiful white T-shirt.

Finally, the team met Will in downtown Durham.  They started at Vega Metals for some classic urban portraits in Will’s suit and tie and, of course, his Jeep.  Other locations close by provided the perfect backdrop for Will’s urban-business vibe.

Will and his family get the prize for the most re-schedules due to rain.  But they were very patient and the results were worth it.

Several weeks after the last session, Will and his mom came to the studio to view nearly 100 proof prints and the behind-the-scenes video.   Will chose his 2 yearbook photos.  Together with his family, they chose their favorite for a beautiful canvas for their home.  They also selected 20-30 images for a custom designed leather artist-notebook style album. Ultimately, they could not pass up all of the files, so the chose the full digital collection.

We loved working with Will for some epic Cary Senior Pictures and wish him well as he moves on to his next adventure.