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Are you searching for a talented local senior portrait photographer who can bring your vision to life? Look no further! In this blog post, we’re thrilled to showcase the incredible journey we had with Matt, a remarkable senior with a passion for lacrosse, an indomitable spirit, and a love for the coastal beauty of Wrightsville Beach.

Downtown Durham, NCCarolina Beach, NC formal and casual senior portraits local senior photographer

From suits to sports, Matt can do it all!

Meet Matt: More Than Just a Senior

Matt’s story is nothing short of inspiring. While lacrosse is his true love, it was his resilience that caught our attention. He overcame the challenges of Pancreatitis, allowing him to enjoy life to the fullest and find his sense of belonging. Matt’s friends describe him as funny, athletic, empathetic, loyal, a little stubborn, and a little sensitive—a well-rounded individual with a heart of gold.

Downtown Durham, NCDurham, NC Raleigh, NC Cary, NC Downtown Cary, NC Local Senior Portrait Photographer

Resilience, composition, athleticism, and grace are all words that could be used to describe Matt.

Capturing the Essence of Matt

When Matt approached us for his senior portraits, he had a clear vision in mind. He wanted his love for lacrosse to shine through, and we were determined to make it happen. With dramatic smoke and lighting, we created an epic effect that truly captured the intensity and passion he has for the sport.

But Matt’s interests extend beyond the field. He’s an avid fan of day trips to Wrightsville Beach, where he enjoys playing with his dogs, snorkeling, fishing off the boat, and taking leisurely boat rides. This coastal paradise held a special place in his heart, and we knew we had to incorporate it into his senior portrait session. 

Epic lacrosse photosdramatic smoky sports pictures athlete senior pictures nontraditional

Not only does Matt have style, but he has vision as well; and with his vision and our experience we were able to bring this aspect of Matt’s personality to life!

A Mix of Styles

For Matt’s session, we aimed to capture his multi-faceted personality. We started  in Downtown Durham with streetwear shots that exuded a sportswear lifestyle brand advertisement vibe—truly showcasing his athletic spirit. These shots were dynamic, energetic, and distinctly Matt.

In addition to these high-energy shots, we ventured to Carolina Beach near dusk, creating a serene and reflective atmosphere. These photos captured Matt’s more contemplative side and his love for the natural beauty of his surroundings.

But that’s not all, as a local senior portrait photographer, Teresa and our team here at MFT Studios, work to capture every aspect of our clients lives. We photographed some timeless, button-up portraits that highlighted Matt’s classic style and charm. 

downtown durham, nccarolina beach, north carolina wilmington wrightsville dusk senior portraits senior photos at the beach casual boy senior photos

Beyond the classic suit and tie pics, Matt wanted to have some with a little more heart and personality, and that’s where these photographs come in!

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Matt’s journey goes beyond sports and style. He’s an Eagle Scout with a heart for philanthropy, supporting causes like the UNC Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House, and The Sandbox. His commitment to helping others is truly commendable and sets a shining example for his peers. 

beach photographsmarsh senior photos suit and tie photographs formal beach senior photographs

From the Ronald McDonald House to The Sandbox, Matt’s passion for giving back to the community is unmatched!

As A Whole…

During Matt’s senior portrait sessions, we didn’t just capture his physical appearance; we captured his essence, his passion, and his unique journey. As your trusted local senior portrait photographer, we pride ourselves on creating memorable experiences and photos that tell your story.

If you’re looking for a local senior portrait photographer who can bring your vision to life and create images that truly reflect your personality and interests, look no further. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

So, if you’re in search of a local senior portrait photographer who can capture your individuality, passions, and unique story, reach out to us today! Let’s create something extraordinary together.