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The baby that seemingly changes every day begs to be documented with each new word, new skill, new experience.  Then its the sports games, dance recitals, and family vacations you enjoy with your young child that remind you bring out the phone or the camera and take a few pictures.  Next thing you know you’ve got a teenager… and through the feeeeeelings, and the looming school projects, and the acne and braces, and every moment of free time going to her plans with friends you just don’t take as many pictures as you once did.  But they don’t stop changing.

Like Dorrit.  A girl on the verge of young womanhood.  Strong.  Articulate.  Soulful.  Mama’s last baby.  And she is growing up in the ways that might not cry out for instant documentation, like her first words or first steps . . . but in the small ways a teenager changes every day.  The choices she makes.  The experiences that spark her soul.  The challenges that sting and burn, and form her character.  The victories big and small that shape who she is.

And you might not know how to document that.  But I do.
So here starts a new series for me, featuring 11 – 14 year old teens and tweens at the grand finale of childhood, and at the grand entrance of what is next.

So meet Dorrit:  yogi, competitive rock climber, talented student and kick ass kid.