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Our Next Headshot Marathon is AUGUST 16th, 2023


Modern Studio Headshot

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About Me

So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed?  Too old?  Too gray?  Too thin?  Too wrinkled?  Too pimpled?  I know.  I am at least 4 of those things right this moment.  Want in on the secret?  Everyone I’ve photographed has felt “too” something.  Every one of them has been relieved to finally have a great portrait.

I’m Teresa Porter, a professional photographer, keynote speaker, and owner-of-at-least-two-chins.  I am on a mission to show your uniqueness, worth, and potential like only a friend can.  I know how to pose you in the most flattering way, light you to look your best, and make you laugh while we are doing it.

Don’t wait until you’re perfect to get a new headshot.  Life is happening, right now, and there is no reason to wait.

Who you are, right now, is all you need to be to have a beautiful headshot.  Just reach out to us today and we’ve got you from there.

it’s easy

MODERN Studio Headshots

If your social media needs an update or the marketing team has been hounding you to update the website, one session can take care of it all.  Your session fee includes hair and make up services, guided posing that is flattering for everyone, and a personal clothing consultation.  Different sessions include a different number of retouched images of your choice with the option to purchase additional images.  Our studio is in Downtown Cary and these headshots can be scheduled during the weekday or in the early evenings.

AND Teams

Let us make this easy for you.  It doesn’t have to be difficult to update your team and business headshots and group portraits.  With your needs in mind we will create the session that answers what you’re looking for and anticipates your future needs.

We provide on-location environmental or studio portraits at your office or conference.  Your next annual meeting is the perfect opportunity to give everyone a fresh executive portrait.  Your next team meeting could include on-site make up and hair with fresh headshots for everyone.  Need content to fuel the social media team?  We love to create flattering but natural “candid” images of your business and people and annual content packages are available.  Pricing is available  by individual or on a half-day or full-day rate.

Maintenance and update images available for corporate clients who want new employees to match existing collateral.




Branding Sessions

If you want to look your best,  you hire the best.  Not because you think you’re a model, but because you know you’re not.

As a business owner it probably sounds impossible but you have to do it.  We know what it’s like to juggle a million projects and endless notifications so we’re going to make this easier than you can imagine.

Not sure what to wear?  We provide a clothing consult at your house or over Zoom.
Not sure you can do your hair or make up?  We have an in-house make up artist.  Our list of over 300 unique locations means we can fully express who you are without limitations.  We will guide your posing and expression to look your best and convey your brand message.

Branding sessions are custom priced to match your project.


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