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Meet The Prince Family!

Ashley has been taking the digital photography classes that I teach at Cary Academy for the last six months – and I’ve watched as the Prince family has grown (literally!) during that time.  Now Noah is a big brother, and I think you can tell he is taking the job very seriously.  I love how you can see how Noah is soothing his little brother in this shot.

The brother love was palpable in the room.  I love the simplicity of these moments.  Do you see how much Noah is in love with his brother’s little feet?!

And if you can handle any more sweetness in your day – then feast your eyes on this.  Ashley specifically told me she wanted this picture because she had one she took of Noah the same way.  I love working with fellow photographers and photography enthusists – they have such an eye!

Oh how I love those baby toes . . .

and silly brother smiles!

Sending love to The Prince family!  Keep that camera clicking Ashley!