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I have the special priviledge of calling Caroline Saunders my best friend.  When I found out she was marrying Waylon I begged her to please let me have the priviledge of documenting their love story.  While it was impossible to be both her wedding photographer and Matron of Honor on the big day (the amazingly talented Alexandra Hays had that honor) – I did get the special responsibility of doing her engagement pictures with fiance, Waylon Griffin.

Waylon is a Chief  Petty Officer in the distinguished United States Navy and is committed to service both on base  in Jacksonville, FL and when deployed, in the Middle East.  Since Caroline is an Oncology Social Worker working at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD their time together is made all that much more special.  I joined them in Jacksonville one weekend and captured some spectacular shots around St. Augustine and Jacksonville Beach.  The combination of sea air, a couple in love, and the excitement of a new shooting location had my heart pounding the entire session!

We all fell in love with the beautiful moss hanging from the trees.  I loved it enough to lay in the mud for this shot!

St. Augustine Engagement

Then sun shone perfectly on Waylon and Caroline as the snuggled to keep warm on the brisk February day.

We managed to get to Jacksonville Beach and find it mostly empty.  Waylon swept Caroline in his arms just as the breeze caught her hair.  I love all of the movement in this picture.

While walking in historic St. Augustine we spoted a quaint little book shop.  The shop owner was kind enough to let us take a few fun photos in the store.  We were all laughing when we spotted this book on the shelf.

It was such a special day for me, celebrating the love between my best friend and the man who stole her heart and capturing it all in pictures.  Stay tuned for pictures from Caroline’s Bridal Tea and Bachelorette Party!