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“I know you!  I’ve heard of you!” was the first thing I ever said to Aurora DeLuca.  Our paths as professional photographers had nearly crossed many, many times but the first time we met was at the Photography Business Mastery meeting I teach once a month to photographers.  Aurora, barely one step in the door said “I know you, I’ve heard of you too!”. . . but that might have been because our kids went to preschool together or because she just walked through a door with my name on it.

In the business meeting that day we were often answering questions in exactly the same way.  We have the same strong feelings when it comes to the value of client relationships, building a boutique experience, and providing valuable expertise to the people we work with.  With as many similarities as we have – there are many differences too. She loves working in the Studio, I prefer to be on-location. She loves photographing babies and young kids, I love photographing older children, teens and adults.  Her approach to photography is quiet, calm, peaceful energy often with no shoes on and a stack of textured linens and soft baby fabrics. My approach to photography is excited, goofy, we’re-having-a-party energy, with a speed that barely lets you think and colored powder, or water, or smoke flying in the air.  She loves (and is a little obsessed with) perfect lighting in all its sizes, depths, colors and forms. I throw around lights like kisses . . . a little smooch of light here, a little peck of light over there . . .

Aurora and I are both in similar places in our creative journey.  She has pursued advanced credentials from the Professional Photographers of America, which has 30,000 members in the United States.  She holds both the Master of Photography degree and the Photographic Craftsman degree which recognize her gifts both in the technical skill of photograph and as an educator.  Less than 100 photographers in the United States earn each of those recognitions, making having two of them especially remarkable.

With Aurora joining My Friend Teresa Studios we can serve our clients in a way we couldn’t before.  As our past high school senior clients graduate college, get married, and start families, we can’t bear the idea of not sharing those times with you.  We’ve always wanted you to: Be You. With Us. But now we can add one more phrase: For Life.

For both Aurora and myself, photography is an expression of our adoration of our clients.  It is a chance to create something completely customized for the wonderful people who invite us into their families.  We hope as our photography studio continues to grow, we will be able to truly say we are your photographers for life. From newborn babies to legacy portraits, and every wild high school and family portrait senior session in between, we can’t wait to know you and take care of you for a lifetime.  

You can see read more about Aurora DeLuca – the best newborn photographer in Cary (according to me!) and also learn more about her work with children as a Cary, NC  child photographer.  

If you’d like to be considered for one of Aurora’s upcoming model call events, to build her portfolio of images for our studio, you can fill out the short interest form and we will be in touch if you are a good fit.