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Last weekend we took care of our niece Brooke.  We don’t have many toys in our house (at least not ones Justin likes to share) so we used the “wear her out” strategy.  But as it turns out, 4 year olds wear out a lot slower than you think!

Weekend Highlights Included:

1.  Pajama Breakfast Party.  Also known as … “oh shoot kids don’t just drink coffee for breakfast and we have nothing in the house to eat”.  Brooke and Justin wore matching aviator sunglasses and Superman shirts on our breakfast quest.  (iPhone picture)

2.  Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Confession:  Really, this wasn’t any different than a normal Saturday.

3.  Going to the library and trying to read a full picture book.  Brooke picked out a book called “What Uncles Do Best”.  She didn’t think we needed the “What Aunts Do Best” companion book.  Basically she said I’m awesome and don’t need instructions (in so many words).

4.  Singing karaoke.  Don’t hate if your shoes are on backwards and your cheetah pants say “Welcome to the Boca Raton KOA Campground.”

5.  Approximately 45 SECONDS of bike riding . . . followed by 45 minutes of playing “tag”.  Guess which one of us ended up laying on the ground and refusing to move.

6.  Making pizzas with my parents.  Since they’re not her grandparents we decided they needed nicknames and encouraged her to call them KiKi and KooKoo.

7.  Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh.  I was expecting we’d stroll around holding hands as we read informative plaques about people of the world and stuffed animals of The Piedmont Region.  Wrong.  This was two floors of “centers”.  You know, centers, like we used to have in kindergarten?   Bottom line:  Kick ass.  Second Bottom line:  I am terrrrr berrrrg to be climbing in the back of a fake boat.  Helllerrrr?

My Friend Teresa Photography, Teresa Porter, Marbles Kids Museum, Cary Child Photography

8.  Movie night by Brooke whereby she spends 60 minutes explaining to me the plot twists of The Lorax and eats her own bag of popcorn which for some inexplicable reason was served in a glass vase.

9.  Woah did you just walk in on me using the bathroom?  Um.  Whatever you need . . . go ask your Uncle Justin.

10.  At the 3D Hubble Telescope movie at IMAX Justin told Brooke he “put some stars in his pocket”.  Oh… hello 3 hours of “Uncle Justin do you still have de taws? . . . in yoh pocket?!”

He put all the stars back on the ceiling at bedtime our last night when she closed her eyes to make a wish (laser machine, its Club Porter y’all).  Yes, when she opened her eyes my uterus skipped a beat at her commercial-worthy gasp of excitement.  Then he read her a bedtime story called “What Uncles Do Best”  and dang  y’all she lit up our world like a million stolen stars.

My Friend Teresa Photography, Teresa Porter, Marbles Kids Museum, Child Photographer Cary NC, Child Photography Cary NC