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Amy and Sally first met in 2000 when Amy came to do work on Sally’s home.  The timing was all wrong:  Sally had a partner.  Amy had a partner.  They weren’t looking for anything different . . . but maybe that first fleeting feeling was born that day.  A little butterfly in each of their stomachs that simply, quietly, curiously said “hmmm”.

In 2005 they met again at a bar in Durham – and everything had changed . . . well, everything except that little “hmmm” . . . that would quickly (almost instantly) become so much more.

Now it is seven years later – seven years in what has felt like seven minutes.  When I asked Sally and Amy about what their life has been like together they told me about a lifetime of little moments: seeing the Terracotta Army (a lifelong dream of Amy’s) , playing and laughing like school kids as they climbed the Great Wall of China, taking cooking classes in Italy, biking around New England (eating their weight in lobster and crab).

Adopting PeeWee.  Loving Harriett.  Building projects together in their basement.  Mastering the perfect barbeque sauce.  Reading to each other.

Shopping at the Farmer’s Market in Durham.  Hosting parties with their friends and swapping stories with their elderly neighbor.  In short:  living the life of two people who are wildly in love.

And after I spent the afternoon with them:  laughing, photographing, laughing, and photographing some more it was easy for me to see why everyone around them seems to be saying “they fit together, they complement each other, and they are so in love”.

That “hmmm” in each of their hearts so many years ago has become the steady strumming heartbeat of two people who seem genuinely surprised that the other one  is capable of loving them so well.