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One day you will seek comfort in a photograph.

You will flip through a long forgotten rubber bin, piled high with old notes from high school and children’s artwork and recipes and seek that one particular picture.  Your mind turning circles around a person in that photo, or a day, or just a moment.  Desperate to look again at that loved ones face, suddenly aware that the details have gone hazy with time and you just.need. to. see. them.again.  Longing to feel the quiet comfort of remembering the outfit, or the walls of a childhood home, or the emotion that caught you by surprise right around the time that shutter was clicked.

There you will be,  elbows deep in a bin, or clicking through an endless hard drive, or reaching for an album, or just lingering a minute longer at that frame in the hallway.

In a time when many of us want to step to the side when a picture is taken, remember this:  one day, someone will seek comfort in a photo of you.