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Whether it’s a flyer for a school event or a papier-mache mask or a little doodle in a notebook, Charlie E (Cary Academy Class of 2018) has it mastered. A lover of all things art, Charlie loves working with 3D art and mixed media and always strives for that “woah” moment. She has a fantastically blunt sense of humor; is a strong leader for change; and has a thoughtful, sensitive, gentle, and loving personality. When she’s not in the art room, you can find Charlie on a soccer field, watching TV, or playing games on a Nintendo. We met with her and mom, Louise, in mid-July to set our plan for Charlie’s artsy and casual senior picture session.

Senior Pictures Cary: Charlie E 2018

Teresa met Charlie in mid-August at Fred Fletcher Park for her senior picture session. Teresa loved that Charlie was able to coordinate her outfits – a black button down with a floral pattern and black skirt, and a gray tee with purple flowers and black shorts – with streaks of purple in her hair. The floral patterns of the shirts paired well with the leafy background. From Fred Fletcher Park, we transitioned to the Free Expression Tunnel at NC State for more senior pictures where we pulled out some spray paint to add to the collection on the walls. We even found some of Charlie’s art! Charlie looked in her element and at ease in a gray tee, a black and red flannel, black shorts, and red sneakers.

Teresa selected over 50 portraits from the session to show Charlie and her mom a few weeks later. With guidance from Teresa, Charlie chose her yearbook photos, which Teresa submitted to the Cary Academy yearbook staff on her behalf. Charlie and her mom also used the studio gallery wall to sort the portraits into their favorites and some “maybes”. From these selections, they chose a 5×7 acrylic block and an 8×10 curved metal.

Charlie graduated in May 2018 and is headed to Savannah College of Art and Design.