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Jack K (Apex Friendship Class of 2018) was our first senior picture session for the class of 2018, and it was a great way to kick off the season. Jack is a casual, fun-loving guy who loves the outdoors and his Boy Scout troop. We met with him and mom, Jennifer, in late February to plan how we’d bring this love of nature to life in his session.

Senior Pictures Cary: Jack K 2018

Teresa met with Jack on a warm weekend in early March for his senior picture session at Jordan Lake. He’d camped out the night before with his friends, so the scene was perfect with tents and hammocks around a fire that’d been burning for two days already. Teresa set up the shoot with a few small lights, but mostly relied on the naturally beautiful light and setting. Jack was right at home, and they all enjoyed setting a few Cheetos on fire just to see what would happen. The diffused light in the tents and a few strategic pokes of the fire to create some sparks made for some amazing shots!

Jack graduated in June 2018 and is headed to University of North Carolina in Greensboro.