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We have known David since we first did his portraits in middle school.  My how he has changed!  We were excited to do his senior portraits!

Senior Portraits Cary: Running and Splashing

We met with David and his mom to get re-acquainted – it had been 5 years!  We also wanted to hear what David wanted for his senior portraits Cary.  We learned that David loves cross country running and track.  In school, his favorites are STEM subjects and German.  His mom said he has changed a lot since middle school!

For his senior portraits Cary, he definitely wanted to document his passion for running.  He loves being in a natural setting, so we got busy and planned his session for one of our favorite locations.  Mom made a request for a portrait to create a canvas to match the other ones she already has.  Our team got busy!

We met David at Lake Crabtree Park on a hot July afternoon.  He started in a dress blue shirt and looked great in the natural setting of the park, a stone wall, and a bridge.  He laughed with Teresa about how much cooler and more comfortable he is since his last session (7th grade).

Senior Portraits Cary

But the big smiles came out when David put on his running gear.  He loved running in the woods and splashing in a big puddle (that we made) for one photo series.  We had spectators who thought it was pretty funny! We gave him a gallon of water and he thought he was going to drink it for a photograph.  We laughed and told him it was for dumping on his head.


We finished the evening with having him run in front of and behind the car while Justin hung out of the sunroof to get an epic running video.  See it in this amazing behind-the-scenes video:

David and his mom returned to the studio a few weeks later to view the portraits and video.  David chose his yearbook portraits, which we submitted for him.  Teresa helped them select a portrait for canvas wall art to match their other art.  And together they chose their favorite portraits for a keepsake album.  When everything arrived, we delivered and installed the wall art.  Mom loves that she has such striking portraits of her family to see every time she walks by.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!