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Estella was excited for the first days of her senior year (Cary Academy Class of 2021) and realized the yearbook portrait deadline was fast approaching!  Her family reached really wanted to capture her portraits in a fun and expressive way and loved the work they saw on our website and senior blogs.  They reached out to us to meet soon to plan her Senior Portraits Cary session and meet the school yearbook deadline.

Senior Portraits Cary:  Wake Boarding at Sunset

We met with Estella and her family at our studio to plan her Senior Portraits Cary.  We learned that Estella loves soccer (and volleyball and basketball).  In school her favorite subjects are math and science – especially solving problems.  She also loves cooking, playing with her 2 dogs, art and wake boarding at the family’s home on a nearby lake.  Her friends think she is fun and funny and a little quirky!

We planned a short session quickly to meet the yearbook deadline.  For the rest of her senior portraits, she was excited to include some sunset portraits at the lake, including some wakeboarding adventures!  And of course, some more traditional portraits in a natural setting.  Our creative team met with her to plan outfits and details, and the plans were set!

For her first session, we met Estella in downtown Cary near our studio.  She looked amazing in her floral off-the-shoulder outfit in the colorful urban setting.Senior Portraits CaryNext was the big adventure to her family’s home at Baden Lake.  We chose a late afternoon in the fall before the weather turned too cool.  Estella’s family was gracious enough to host Teresa and Justin for the evening so they could create some amazing photographs of Estella doing what she loves – wake boarding!  Justin and Teresa hung over the back of the boat with camera ready, while Estella flew back and forth, laying down in the waves, pulling sharp turns, and flying over the boat’s wake.  Before she got into the water, we gave her one last instruction…check your face, make sure you stay smiling no matter how hard it is.  Her mom said – “That won’t be a problem” and she was right!  Estella grinned the whole time.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

The last session for Estella was on the UNC Campus, starting at the Forest Theater.  With a few fall colors in the leaves, the portraits were beautiful and definitely captured Estella’s personality.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Estella’s sessions:

Estella and her family returned to the studio a few weeks later to watch the behind-the-scenes video and a slideshow of all of her portraits.  Teresa helped them design and select wall art for their home, including a special metal print for their lake home.  Estella chose images for a beautiful artist-style keepsake album.  They also chose some desktop items for Mom and Dad, and the full collection of digital files.

We loved capturing the many sides of Estella’s fun and expressive personality!

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