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If you’re ever looking for an adventure, Hutch W (Cary Academy Class of 2018) is your guy. He has constant wanderlust and has been to thirty-five different countries, including South Africa, New Zealand, and various South American countries. Hutch is also a huge animal lover and has owned everything from dogs to snakes. We met with him and mom, Mebane, and learned more about what he was looking for.

Senior Portraits Cary: Hutch W 2018

Teresa met Hutch in early September at the West Point on the Eno for his senior portraits. Hutch wore a blue t-shirt and dark gray shorts. With him, he brought his yellow lab, Rogue, and two leopard geckos. Everyone was surprised when he let one of the geckos, Taco, walk on his face, but Hutch was unfazed by it. Next, Hutch wore a blue and gray plaid flannel and tan pants as he posed with canoes, trees, and rocks. He switched out his flannel for a t-shirt from Outward Bound California, an outdoors educational group, and strapped on a massive backpack. Lastly, we finished with some senior portraits of him in a tree. It was astounding how easily he was able to climb up nearly twenty feet.

Teresa selected over 50 portraits from the session to show Hutch and his mom a few weeks later. With guidance from Teresa, Hutch chose his yearbook photos, which Teresa submitted to the Cary Academy yearbook staff on his behalf. Hutch and his mom also used the studio gallery wall to sort the portraits into their favorites and some “maybes”. From these selections, they ordered the digital files to have all of the portraits on hand to look back on in the future.

Hutch graduated in May 2018 and is headed to University of California in Santa Barbara, where he plans on studying ecology and possibly journalism. He hopes to work at the aquarium on campus and spend most of his time exploring the ocean and mountains.