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We met with Maggie M (Cary Academy Class of 2018) and her mom, Kim, in late June to discuss her senior portrait session. In school, Maggie favors the sciences, particularly chemistry. Outside of school, she loves hanging out with her friends, taking pictures and going to dinner with them, and listening to music, particularly Frank Ocean and Urban Mellow. For her senior portrait session, Maggie wanted an urban and editorial vibe, so downtown Raleigh seemed like the perfect fit.

Senior Portraits Cary: Maggie M 2018

Teresa met Maggie in early September in downtown Raleigh. She started her senior portrait session in a dark berry colored dress that stood out against the white brick backgrounds. Then she wore a white v-neck top and a pair of ripped blue jeans, allowing the colorful backgrounds to provide a pop of color. Lastly, she wore a black t-shirt dress that was a perfect mix of chic and casual. During the senior portrait session, we crossed a set of railroad tracks, and Maggie’s mom joked about tying her to the tracks like a damsel in distress; then, as we turned the corner, we saw a man with a handle bar mustache – a wonderful coincidence that provided a lot of laughter.

Teresa selected over 50 portraits from the session to show Maggie and her parents a few weeks later. With guidance from Teresa, Maggie chose her yearbook photos, which Teresa submitted to the Cary Academy yearbook staff on her behalf. Maggie and her parents also used the studio gallery wall to sort the portraits into their favorites and some “maybes”. From these selections, they chose an 8×8 linen album and one digital file.

Maggie graduated in May 2018 and has spent this summer relaxing and hanging out with friends and family as she prepares to leave for school. She is headed to University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where she plans on studying biochemistry or double majoring in chemistry and neuroscience.