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When we put out a call for an equine senior portrait session, Nicole M and Michelle M (Wakefield Class of 2018) and their mom, Linda, contacted us. We met with them in mid-March and learned that both girls had been riding for years and competed in vaulting on a national level. Nicole has a very outgoing, sociable personality and loves to spend time going out to dinner or the movies with her friends. Michelle has a more reserved personality and is very independent and “go with the flow”. Both girls are active in their church and spend a lot of time at the barn, so we were excited to see their second home.

Senior Portraits Cary: Nicole M and Michelle M 2018

Teresa met Nicole and Michelle in late April in north Raleigh. We took some duo and solo senior portraits of the girls who each wore dresses in shades of green – Nicole in a light to dark green ombre dress and Michelle in a light green lace-neck dress with white flowers. Then the girls changed into matching riding costumes, Nicole in white and Michelle in blue, as Nicole controlled their horse while Michelle posed on its back. Throughout the senior portrait session, there were threats of rain, but it meant we had beautiful clouds to complete the background.

Teresa selected over 50 portraits from the session to show Nicole and Michelle and their mom a few weeks later. Nicole and Michelle and their mom also used the studio gallery wall to sort the portraits into their favorites and some “maybes”. From these selections, they chose three 30×40 unframed canvases, a 16×20 unframed canvas, a 20×30 unframed canvas, four 16×16 framed and matted print, a 20×30 framed and matted print, and a 10×10 linen album. Additionally, they ordered the digital files to have all of the portraits on hand to look back on in the future.

Nicole and Michelle graduated in June 2018 and are headed to East Carolina University and North Carolina State University respectively. Nicole plans on studying hospitality and management to become a corporate event planner while Michelle intends to pursue a major in animal science to become a veterinarian.