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Brynn O. was in the middle of her junior year and let us know that she was interested in a senior portrait session with us.  It felt early to be planning for the summer, but she was glad she did because she got her choice of session dates, and an early booking discount!

Senior Portraits Cary:  Farm, Beach and Climbing Adventures

We met with Brynn to get to know her and to learn what she was looking for in her senior portraits.  Brynn is an avid rock climber, and an award-winning Girl Scout.  She is adventurous and loves hanging out with her friends.

For her senior portraits, she wanted to have more ‘nature’ than ‘urban’ and loved the idea of doing a session at a private farm.  She definitely also wanted to include images of her climbing at her indoor rock-climbing club, and especially loved images of another senior rock-climber we photographed, Jillian J.  And her whole family was thrilled to join us for our annual portraits-at-the-beach trip in August.  Brynn had a busy summer planned, so we set her design visit and session for early in the summer.

Brynn’s first session started with hair and makeup services with our in-house artist, Denise.  Brynn started her session at the studio in the prom dress that she never got to wear (thanks COVID!).  It was special for her to get a chance to enjoy it.

Senior Portraits Cary

Then we were off to the farm where the evening light makes every tree sparkle with golden bokeh.  It didn’t matter she was in a dress . . . Brynn was jumping up to grab a tree branch (climbers gotta climb!).  Brynn and her mom are both REALLY allergic to poison ivy . . . oops!  We spotted some . . . but no worry, Rebekah was our Mom-McGuiver who had literally everything you’d ever need in her purse . . . including wipes for our legs.  We ended the night with Brynn climbing the side of our field tower . . . we couldn’t have asked for a more epic sunset in the background, and she was fearless.  We were all holding our breath, but Brynn made it look easy.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary


A few days later, we met Brynn at Triangle Rock Climbing Club where we had special permission to photograph her climbing.  It had a been a long time since she was allowed in to climb (due to the pandemic), but we had the place to ourselves.  Special thanks to her coach for being her belayer.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

In late summer, it was time for our annual trip to the beach for amazing beach portraits.  Sometimes one incredible photograph takes a YEAR to dream and plan and we dreamed up this photograph before we ever met Brynn. We wanted to give the impression that she was floating on top of the water in a long flowing dress. This is difficult to do for a lot of reasons – – – beach crowds, keeping the dress dry, light that has to be held near her in the water, big waves from a hurricane the day before, and balancing on a kitchen chair which is pressed down in the sand (and keeps getting lower!). Despite all of that, and sitting completely in the waves myself, one incredible photograph was born. Special thanks to her mom for being our fearless lighting assistant.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits CaryCheck out the behind-the-scenes video of Brynn’s sessions:


Brynn and her family returned to the studio a few weeks later to watch the behind-the-scenes video and a slideshow of all of her portraits.  Then they got to enjoy the ‘big reveal’ of all of her images on our studio display wall.  Brynn selected her yearbook portraits, and her family chose the full digital collection of files.  They just couldn’t part with any of them!

We enjoyed welcoming Brynn into our ‘family’ and look forward to her future accomplishments.

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