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With the summer heat in full force, and getting excited for his senior year (Cary Academy, Class of 2020), Om N. reached out to us to plan his senior portrait session.  We had no idea how much fun we would have!!

Senior Portraits Cary:  Robotics, Tennis, and a Harmonium

We were excited to meet with Om and his family to get to know him and plan his sessions.  His friends describe him as friendly, always on the go, compassionate but direct and funny.  We agree!  He loves robotics, tennis, and football – even in the rain.  And he has a special talent for the traditional instrument, the harmonium.

For his session Om wanted some portraits in a natural setting, and also to be sure to include a traditional Indian outfit, tennis, some action shots, and music.  We got busy planning his sessions and organizing our team.

Our studio in downtown Cary was the perfect place for portraits in Om’s traditional outfit.

Senior Portraits Cary

Downtown Durham was the setting for some portraits in a slightly urban setting.  We got special access to an old bank vault for part of the session.  We kept getting lost, but eventually found our way out!  His mom and dad pitched in to help with some extra light, and his mom was our ‘eagle eye’ to be sure we got everything just right.

Senior Portraits CarySenior Portraits Cary

A few weeks later, we met at Cary Academy with special access to the new state-of-the-art robotics lab.  We loved watching Om in this new space.

Senior Portraits Cary

While at Cary Academy, we also went to theater and listened as Om played the Harmonium – a traditional instrument.

Senior Portraits Cary

On to nearby Lake Crabtree for an amazing sunset portrait at the water’s edge.

Senior Portraits Cary

On the Cary Academy tennis courts, we all laughed when Om’s mom ‘accidentally’ kept serving tennis ball and hitting Teresa!  Finally we did a unique session on our private ‘wet set’ with water and colored powder.  Om’s killer tennis serves sent a few dangerous cups of powder flying through the air, but it was worth it!

Senior Portraits Cary

It’s all on the behind-the-scenes video:

Om returned to the studio with his family a few weeks later to view his portraits and video.  They were thrilled! Om selected his yearbook portraits, which we submitted on his behalf.  They also chose a beautiful canvas for their home, and the full digital collection.

Whether it is on the court, in the lab, or making music, Om will no doubt enthusiastically make his way to his next adventure!

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!