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With the summer heat comes senior portraits Cary!  Reynu and her family have worked with us before and we were thrilled to create amazing senior portraits Cary for Reynu.

Senior Portraits Cary:  A ballerina who loves coffee

Reynu is a professional ballerina from the Cary Ballet Conservatory.  She uses a flexible school schedule so that she can dedicate as much time as possible to dancing.  She aspires to join a professional ballet company after graduation.

For her senior portraits Cary, Reynu of course wanted to showcase ballet.  She likes an urban vibe, and helped Teresa understand the precision that is important in her ballet poses.

We started Reynu’s session at our studio, for some classic portraits with perfect lighting.  We were all impressed with her flexibility, which even for a dancer, was pretty insane.  Whenever Teresa would ask her to do poses in the studio we would laugh as she folded herself in to positions most people couldn’t even imagine (like resting your head on your knees).

Senior Portraits Cary

Senior Portraits Cary

Then it was off to downtown Durham.  Reflecting Reynu’s love of coffee, Teresa had brought along a Starbucks cup.  Our assistant almost threw it away thinking it was trash.  “Teresa is really losing it” she was heard mumbling, as she pulled it out of the protective case in the camera bag!  And of course a visit to Starbucks was included.

Senior Portraits Cary

Senior Portraits Cary

We also found a new alley that we loved photographing but the best moment of the day, by far, was the bank vault where she stretched to unlock old deposit boxes, and folded into a storage locker.  It’s all on the behind-the-scenes video:

Reynu returned to the studio with her family a few weeks later to view her portraits and video.  They loved them all and chose the full collection of digital files.

Reynu has graduated and is now part of a professional ballet company on the west coast.  We love following her career and keep in touch with her regularly to model for us.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!