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Ritvik was excited about his approaching senior year at Cary Academy (Class of 2021).  He had seen our work and knew he wanted to work with Teresa over any other photographer for his Senior Portraits Cary.

Senior Portraits Cary:  Cars old and new, and a pool, too

We met with Ritvik in the spring of his junior year at our studio to plan his Senior Portraits Cary.  We learned that Ritvik is a little bit shy and prefers to be behind the camera.  He loves cars and is passionate about videography.  He is an experienced international traveler who loves to hike.  Friends know him as the ‘responsible one’ who always has a plan.

For his senior portraits Cary, he definitely wanted to include some cars (both old and new) and an urban, outdoors feeling.  He was open to our ideas, so our creative team got started.

We scheduled Rtivik’s first portrait session for early August and met with him a few weeks before that to help him select his outfits.  Our team was excited to get started.

For Ritvik’s first Senior Portraits Cary session, we met him at his home.  Rain has never scared us away from a fun session!  With the threat of showers looming, we started in his incredible back yard.  While he was changing clothes, we took one good look at his swimming pool and decided the best photograph would be him falling backwards….was he willing?  Yes!  His Dad even helped by getting out a ladder for us and turning on the fountains for a perfect shot.  We also got some portraits with his car in front of his home.

With his hair drying from the pool, we moved on to downtown Raleigh.  We went to some of our favorite places while his dad went in search of a coffee shop.  He returned with a matcha tea that made Ritvik do a ‘spit take’! Somehow he didn’t get any on his shirt, but we all agreed it tasted like grass.

For his second session, we travelled to Hillsborough and Occoneechee Speedway, an abandonded NASCAR race track.  The track includes old cars, overgrown grandstands, and a trail.  You can almost still hear the races and the crowd.  It was perfect for Rtivik’s love of cars.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Ritvik’s sessions:


Ritvik and his family returned to the studio a few weeks later to watch the behind-the-scenes video and a slideshow of all of his portraits.  Using our gallery wall, Ritvik chose his yearbook portraits.  They loved all the images and decided on the full collection of digital files.

We loved working with this family and are excited to follow Ritvik’s adventures.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!